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Recommended Reading: The world of Lego interface panel design

Recommended Reading: The world of Lego interface panel design

LewisTsePuiLung via Getty Images

The UX of Lego interface panels

George Cave,designbycave.co.uk

Whether it’s a spaceship,a cash register or a car instrument cluster,Lego interface panels play a relatively small role in the grand scheme of most builds. They offer finer details for a vehicle’s interior,for example,but typically they’re just one or two blocks amongst a set of hundreds or thousands or pieces. UK designer George Cave takes a detailed look at the aesthetic of these bricks and offers some thoughts on what they can teach us about effective UX layouts and interface organization.

Facebook’s dilemma: How to police claims about unproven COVID-19 vaccines

Elizabeth Culliford and Gabriella Borter,Reuters

Since the start of the global pandemic,Facebook has removed millions of posts that contained false or misleading COVID-19 claims or information. That was a tall task,but there were concrete details to rely on,with new info coming from scientists and other researchers at a rapid pace. When it comes to COVID-19 vaccine development and trials,the ability to check claims becomes a herculean task. Reuters explains why it’s so difficult.

From Minecraft tricks to Twitter hack: A Florida teen’s troubled online path

Nathaniel Popper,Kate Conger and Kellen Browning,The New York Times

The New York Times takes a biographical look at the 17-year-old who is the alleged “mastermind” behind the massive Twitter hack that took place last month.


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