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Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 will let you answer calls by clenching your fist

Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 will let you answer calls by clenching your fist


It can be a pain to answer a call with a smartwatch when the hand you’d use is busy,but Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 3 could make it relatively easy. XDA reports that Samsung’s newly released Galaxy Watch 3 Plugin app (so much for a surprise at Unpacked) references support for hand gestures,most notably for answering calls. If your watch starts ringing,you just have to clench and unclench your fist to pick up. You can shake your hand to ignore a call,too.

The future wristwear will also add support for Apple Watch-like fall detection. If the Galaxy Watch 3 detects a tumble,it’ll ring for 60 seconds to get a response. If you don’t answer,it’ll text your location and a five-second audio recording to emergency contacts. You can also tell the watch to make an emergency call after that minute-long wait,although that’s optional.

Samsung is expected to unveil the new watch when Unpacked takes place online August 5th,although the device likely won’t ship until days or weeks later. It’s poised to be a subtle evolution of the existing Galaxy Watch (no,there’s no Watch 2) with slightly smaller 41mm and 45mm case sizes and Watch Active 2 features like ECG and blood pressure monitoring.

The Watch 3 probably won’t prompt an upgrade from either of those recent devices. However,the gesture support could be particularly important if you don’t want to contort yourself just to receive a can’t-miss call.


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