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OWC's cheap Mac Pro wheels are still pretty expensive

OWC's cheap Mac Pro wheels are still pretty expensive


If you balked at the $400 extra to configure a Mac Pro with wheels (let alone the $699 to buy the kit after the fact),OWC is coming to your rescue. The company is taking pre-orders (via MacRumors and The Verge) for a Rover Pro wheel kit that will normally cost $250,and are available in advance for $199. You could save enough money over the Apple solution to get a (modest) RAM or video card upgrade for the machine itself.

Importantly,you don’t have to give up the Mac Pro’s default feet like you do with the official wheels. The Rover Pro kit attaches to the feet with a “few hand twists,” OWC said. And did we mention there are included wheel stops,so your premium workstation won’t roll away on its own?

The Rover Pro wheels should arrive in September. They’re still not a trivial purchase,but they’re considerably easier to justify if you’re still cost-conscious (yes,even for a $5,999+ tower) and want a way to quickly shuttle your Mac Pro around a movie set or music studio.


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