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YouTube will offer 100 kids movies and specials for free

YouTube will offer 100 kids movies and specials for free


YouTube is throwing parents who can’t take watching Frozen over and over anymore a lifeline. Over the next month until August 31st,YouTube Kids will release over 100 movies and specials as part of the platform’s “After School” experience project. In an announcement,Don Anderson,YouTube’s Head of Family & Learning Partnerships,explained that the service wants to help parents who are juggling work,life and their children at the same time due to work-from-home arrangements caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Especially since their kids may have to keep staying at home if they can’t go back to school yet.

Anderson wrote:

“[W]e want to help you with a library of high quality full-length movies and specials that will enrich as well as entertain your children,and that you can enjoy along with them.”

The new selection will include Tayo the Little Bus,Baby Shark and Pinkfong,The Wiggles,Masha And The Bear,Oggy & the Cockroaches and Paddington. Hair Love,which won Best Animated Short Film at the Oscars,will also be available along with a bunch of other shorts. There will also be educational specials,such as Sesame Street’s Elmo’s World News,and brand new movies and shows debuting on the platform. Parents can look forward to new content every week to keep their children entertained: YouTube Kids will surface all its After School content every Monday under the platform’s “Shows” category over the next five weeks.


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